Adding a Contact Form to Your Online Portfolio

The ability to add a contact form to your Crevado Online Portfolio has been a much requested feature for a long time now. As of today it's now possible to add a Contact Form to your portfolio - please note that this feature is only available to paid accounts.

Why add a Contact Form?

  • A Contact form looks more professional compared to an email link.
  • Contact Forms are user friendly; it's easier for the visitor to contact you without the need for them to open a separate email program to do so.
  • Contact Forms provide a mechanism to contact you without revealing your email address thereby eliminating the possibility for spambots to harvest your email address.

How to add a Contact Form to your Online Portfolio?

We've a dedicated article which details how to add a Contact Form to your Online Portfolio Website - head on over there for the skinny on how to do this.

Stay tuned for more updates to Contact Form pages!

This is just the beginning.. we are working on additional features which will allow you to further customize your contact page such as optional Google Maps, Social Media links and more!