HOWTO: Sell Photo Prints and More Using Your Crevado Online Portfolio

NOTE: Fotomoto support requires a Premium Account for details see the plan comparison page

So, how does it work?

Crevado has built in support for Fotomoto which enables you to sell your photographic works directly from your Crevado online portfolio website. Supported formats include photo prints, canvas and more! To enable Fotomoto integration simply visit our Fotomoto Setup Page and click the Sign Me Up! button. Note that this is a one click process and once you’ve been setup you will receive an activation email from Fotomoto.

TIP: If you don’t receive the email then remember to check your junk/spam folder as the email may be hiding there!

Please follow the instructions in the email and activate the Crevado/Fotomoto integration by clicking the activation link as indicated below:


TIP: It's important that you fully activate your Fotomoto account otherwise the integration will not work as expected.

Activating simply involves choosing a password for your Fotomoto account:


That’s it! Crevado is now linked to your newly created Fotomoto account and you can sell photographic prints directly from your online portfolio! Any images marked available for purchase in Crevado will display a buy button which when clicked will popup the Fotomoto cart widget and allow the visitor to purchase the image as a print.

NOTE: High Resolution Images are automatically sent to Fotomoto - there is no need to configure the Auto Pickup mechanism.


From within Crevado Admin images can have their purchase ability switched on or off, on a per image basis, by simply editing the image details (by default everything is marked available for purchase):


Don’t Forget to Configure Fotomoto!

From the Fotomoto control panel click Select Products and Prices and configure the available formats for your work and set pricing for each type.

To configure formats, click the on/off switch for each individual type you wish to offer for purchase:


Pricing for a particular format may be configured by clicking the pricing link which appears when you mouse over the format type title:


Also check out the Fotomoto Tour Page. For further help and support on Fotomoto please visit the Fotomoto Support Page.