Creating Custom Content Pages on Your Crevado Online Portfolio

In addition to Gallery pages which can be used to showcase your work, sometimes it's also necessary to create additional pages which contain your own custom content. For example, exhibition details, news & events, etc. These types of pages are called Custom Content pages.

So how do I create 'em ?

Creating a Custom Content Page is easy! Just follow these simple steps:

From Crevado Admin, click Pages at the top left of the screen:

From the Pages section click the Create Page button and the Create New Page popup will open:

Now you need to change the Page Type to Content Page using the arrow to reveal the drop down menu of options:

Then fill in the Link Title and the Page Title and click on the Create button:

PRO TIP: The Link Title is used when linking to your Page within the navigation of your Portfolio. The Page Title can differ from the Link Title and is used primarily for the purposes of SEO. For more information on SEO and metatags please see customizing SEO and meta tags on your Online Portfolio

After you have created your new page, you will be taken to the Page Content Editor where you can edit the content of your Custom Content Page.

Note: The Content Editor toolbar will appear at the bottom of the screen as shown below:

Controlling the Formatting and Layout of the Content on your Page

The Content Editor toolbar allows you to control the formatting and styles of the text on your page as well as insert/edit images etc.

The first button on the toolbar is the formatting button:

The formatting button allows you to control the formatting/styling of text. There are a number of different Formatting Styles that can be applied to the text in your Custom Content Pages. These styles can be customized using the Theme Editor and then applied using the formatting button. Typical styles include the Normal Text of the page and the Heading Sizes 1 to 6 which are ordered by importance i.e. Heading 1 is the primary heading of the page. Here is a screenshot of the list:

How these styles appear i.e. the Font Faces used, the Colors and the Font Sizes are controlled using the Crevado Theme Editor. For more information on how to customize these styles using the Theme Editor please see the following article for more information on customizing styles.

Controlling text alignment using the Crevado Content Editor

You can use the alignment button on the toolbar to alter the current object in your content page.

When you click on the text alignment button you will be given the options; align left, align center, align right or align justified. Simply click your preferred alignment to change it.

Inserting Images in to Content Pages

You can insert images into your Content Page using the Content Editor. Click on the Insert Image button on the content editor toolbar, as indicated below:

Once you have clicked on the image button a popup will open and you need to click on the Choose File button to then upload an image of your choice:

Once the image has been uploaded it will be inserted into the Content Page in the location where your cursor was. You can then click on the uploaded image to access the image properties dialogue. From here you can adjust the sizing and alignment of the image. You can also add a caption to the image and link the image to a URL if you wish.

Customizing Font Colors using the Content Editor

Note: You can change font colors using the Content Editor but be aware that these font colors will override any theme styles (including colors assigned via the Theme Editor).

Select the text you wish to change the color of and then click on the Font Color Button.

A popup will open displaying a color chart:

You can change the selected text color by clicking on a new color from the color picker popup.

In addition to setting font colors, you can also change highlight or background color. The process is essentially the same, select the text you wish to highlight and click the font color button on the toolbar. This time simply click the highlight tab from the color picker popup and click on a new highlight color to apply it.

Here is a sample Portfolio in Live Edit Mode:

Here you can see that I have selected the text "Example123" for highlighting:

Now you can see that I have highlighted it in yellow using the Font Color button on the Content Editor Toolbar, selecting the highlight option and then the color yellow:

You can remove a highlight by selecting the highlighted text, clicking on the Font Color button on the Content Editor Toolbar, selecting the highlight option and then clicking on none:

Something not working? no worries - just contact us!