Using a Custom Domain With Your Crevado Portfolio

What is Custom Domain Name Binding?

Custom Domain name binding allows you to host your Crevado Portfolio on your own domain name so instead of hosting your portfolio at you’d be hosting it at

When Custom Domain name binding is activated, visitors (including search engine spiders) to your address will be automatically redirected to your Custom Domain.

Remember: Custom Domain name binding requires a Premium account for details see the plan comparison page.

Do Premium Plans include a Domain Name?

No. Crevado does not provide domain registration - you will need to register your domain yourself and then follow our configuration instructions.

What are the benefits of a Custom Domain?

Better branding (your domain name, your portfolio), better SEO benefits (securing pretty much guarantee you the top spot in google for searches for your full name). It also raises your street cred and makes you one of the cool kids!

Who should I use to register my domain name?

Crevado recommends for domain registrations. Other popular major registrars include GoDaddy and Network Solutions.

How much does it Cost to Register a Domain?

It depends on the extension (.com,, etc.) of the domain and of course varies from registrar to registrar. Roughly, a .com will cost you around 12 USD per year.

How Do I Configure Custom Domain Name binding?

Configuration depends largely on who you used to register your domain. We have detailed configuration instructions for all major domain registrars: