Privacy Policy Updates : GDPR Is Coming!

Over the last few weeks there's been a lot of noise made over the impending GDPR law which comes in to regulation in Europe on May 25th 2018. No doubt many of you have been bombarded by smartphone application updates seeking your consent and notification of privacy policy updates from various internet companies around the globe. At Crevado, we have always taken user privacy and security very seriously and with GDPR just around the corner we too have had to update our privacy policy in order to comply with the new privacy regulations. You can view our new privacy policy here.

In an effort to further increase transparency we've added a new data download tool which allows you to download all your data which is stored on Crevado. The data download includes all photos, videos and their associated meta data such as titles, comments, etc which you may have added. File attachments and page content are also included, along with any personal information stored about you on Crevado (i.e. your name, email and IP address). For more information on our new data download tool please see the following article

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