Why Doesn't My Portfolio Appear in Google and Other Search Engines?

What is a Search Engine anyway ?

Search engines allow people to search across the billions of web pages available on the internet of today for topics or keywords of their choice. Without Search Engines, discovering or finding websites of interest to you would be very difficult.

There’s lots and lots of Search Engines out there but realisticly speaking you really just want to target the big three: Google (67% market share), Microsoft Bing (16%) and the Yahoo! Network (13%).

Yahoo and Microsoft teamed up a couple of years ago providing a bigger threat to Google’s dominance. Under the companies’ 10-year agreement, Microsoft handles Internet queries for Yahoo pages. Microsoft also has rolled out a multimedia advertising campaign to attract users and is bolstering results by displaying data from Facebook Inc.

How do I get my Portfolio to appear in Search Engines, such as Google?

Search Engines index the internet primarily by sending out robots (known as Spiders) which discover sites by following links from sites they already know about. This process is called Spidering and it’s how Spiders build up an map of the world wide web (internet).

Armed with this knowledge, your first course of action should be to get the link to your portfolio “out there” as much as possible. Example recommended practices include:

  • If you use message boards or forums, add your website to your user profile and/or signature.
  • If you use social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. then you should share your portfolio with your friends. Crevado provides you with an easy way to do this - simply click the Promote link from within Crevado admin and share your portfolio on whatever networks you’re a member of.
  • This applies to your day to day communication too! Add your portfolio address to any stationary you have, put it on your outgoing email signature etc.

Manually Submitting your Crevado Online Portfolio to Search Engines

The fastest ways for spiders to get to know about your portfolio is for you to tell them. Google and Bing both have pages where you can submit your site for inclusion. We recommend adding your portfolio URL to both Google and Bing once you’ve populated it with content:

Spiders have a lot of work on their hands (do spiders have hands?)! Be patient - it can take anywhere from 1-4 weeks after submission to appear in search results.