How Do I Attach PDF or MS Word Documents to My Crevado Online Portfolio?

NOTE: This article shows you how to create top level links on your Online Portfolios navigation which when clicked take the user to the specified file. If you're looking to just create links to File Attachments from within text content on a page then you instead view how to attach files within your Portfolio Content Pages.

Attaching a PDF or MS Word documents to your Crevado Online Portfolio is easy! Just follow these simple steps:

From Crevado Admin, click Pages:

click pages

Next click on the Create Page button:

click galleries

A window will pop up allowing you to create a new page. Change the page type to File Attachment and choose whichever PDF or MS Word document you wish to upload using the Browse button:

click galleries

When you are finished, upload your file using the Create button. Your file will now be attached as a link within your Portfolio Navigation.

From Crevado Admin, click Pages:

Locate the Gallery Page that you wish to attach the PDF or MS Word Document to and then click on the Edit Page Content icon to the right of the Gallery title, as shown below:

This will bring you into the Galley Page. Scroll down to the Gallery Info area and click on the blue Gallery Description box:

When you click on the Gallery Description box a toolbar will be revealed. On the toolbar, click on the File Upload icon:

A pop up will open. You can enter a Name for your attachment and then simply drag and drop your PDF or MS Word document, or click to upload it from your device:

Once you have selected the attachment to be uploaded and it has been uploaded successfully you will be brought back to the Gallery Description page. Please click on the Save button here to save your changes:

A yellow pop up at the top of the screen will state Setting Updated. That's it, your done!