How Do I Change My Crevado Portfolio Plan or Alter My Billing Settings?

From Crevado admin, click on the Account link on the top right of the page:

account link

You will see the title Your Crevado Account and underneath that click on Billing&Plans:

Next, click on the blue Change Plan link which is to the right of the Subscription Plan information:

This brings you to our Change Plan page where you see a summary of each plan. To downgrade you must click on one of the downgrade buttons (to whichever plan you wish to downgrade to) as shown below:

Note: You must be within the thresholds of the Plan in order to downgrade to it. This may mean you need to delete some Images, Galleries and/or Videos before you will be eligible to downgrade.

Changing how often you are Billed

Crevado supports a flexible billing cycle. For more information please see how to change your billing cycle