How Do I Password Protect Individual Galleries?

Password Protection is only available to Premium Account holders, for more details see the plan comparison page.

Password Protecting Individual Galleries:

In some cases it may be desirable to have Public Online Portfolio but also have a way of restricting access to work within certain Galleries.

It is easy to Password Protect any Gallery. To do this simply click on Galleries on the top left of Crevado Admin:

Then click on the Gallery you wish to edit:

Scroll down to the Gallery Settings area and here you will see that Password Protection is the first option.

Click on the Password Protection blue area and a box will appear into which you can type your password:

Once you enter in your password click Save. Now all you have to do is provide whomever you wish to view this Gallery with the Password you have put in place.

Note: To remove Password Protection on a Gallery simply empty out the password field and press Save.