Tracking Visitors to Your Crevado Portfolio Using Google Analytics

So, ugh, what is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is an analytics tool from Google which can be used to obtain detailed reporting of visitors to your portfolio. It’s capable of reporting on a wide variety of data. For example, Where are the visitors located? How did they find your site? etc.

Sounds good! How do I set it up?

If you don’t have one already you’ll need to sign up for a Google Analytics account. Go to the Google Analytics home page and create one then create a new profile for your Crevado Portfolio:

Enter an Account Name and then click on Next:

In the Property Details area, enter a Property Name and then click on Next:

In the Business Information area, tick or select the option that applies to you and then click on Next:

In the Choose Your Business Objectives area, tick or select the option(s) that apply to you and click on Create:

Once you click on the create button a Terms and Conditions pop-up will open. You will need to Accept these to proceed.

You will then be brought to the Start Collecting Data page. Here, click on Skip For Now button:

Next, on the You're Almost There page, click on the Set up data collection button as shown below:

Here you need to click on the Web option:

This will take you to the Set up your web stream page where you need to enter your Website URL and your Stream Name and then click on the Create Stream button:

You will then be brought to the Web Stream Details page and here you need to take note of the MEASUREMENT ID as you will need this tracking ID to put into Crevado:

NOTE: The above tracking ID is just an example - you must use your own tracking ID created for your own Portfolio or it won’t gather any statistics!

Once you have a tracking ID, jump back to Crevado Admin and click on the Settings button:

Scroll down and click on the Google Analytics section:

Then click on it and enter your Analytics Data Stream Measurement ID and click Save:

NOTE: The insertion of web tracking code from Google is NOT necessary, Crevado inserts the necessary code automatically once you enter your Data Stream Measurement ID - pretty neat, huh?

Congratulations! You’ve just enabled visitor tracking and from now on visits to your portfolio will be tracked and reported on in Google Analytics.