How Do I Create a Gallery?

Creating a Gallery is easy. Just click on Galleries in the upper left corner of the main page:

When you first sign up we create a starter gallery called My Work for you, but you can add any additional Galleries you want, up to your storage limit. (Free accounts come with 5 Galleries, if you require more then you should look at upgrading your account.)

To create a new Gallery for your Portfolio just click on the Create a Gallery button in the upper right:

From the popup, enter a name for your Gallery (e.g. 2018 Work, Landscapes etc):

Once you’ve created your Gallery, you should upload some images or videos.

Controlling Visual Appearance of your Gallery

From the Gallery page, scrolling down beneath the images/video section you can alter properties of your Gallery, including:

  • Change name of Gallery.
  • Add text description about the Gallery.
  • If the Gallery is work for a client then you can also enter the client name.

Click on any field to add this additional information and then click Save. Want to start over? Click Cancel.

For Premium Plan users, the following additional Privacy Controls are also available:

  • Password Protection
  • Privacy Control

Crevado Premium accounts can password protect their Gallery images by restricting access to only those you designate. Premium accounts come with other exciting features, including video support, custom domains and high-definition images. Try a Premium account free for 14 days, simply by clicking on the Password area then follow the on screen instructions.

Comment Support, which allows viewers to leave comments about your work, can also be enabled or disabled on a per Gallery basis from here.

REMINDER: At any time, you can click the View Your Portfolio link at the top right to visit your public Portfolio. You will see your Portfolio as it will appear to visitors.

To go back to editing your Gallery settings, or download more images or videos, click Switch Back to Crevado Admin.

If you have more than one Gallery created within a Gallery collection then you may wish to customize the Gallery cover thumbnail image. See how at our galleries visual appearance page - have fun!