HTTPS Is Everywhere!

Security and Privacy are two things we have always taken very seriously. While Crevado Admin has always operated securely over HTTPS the public facing portfolio websites have not. From a security standpoint this is OK thou -- since there's no private information passing over these websites anyway. From a privacy standpoint, HTTPS prevents spying and tampering of the pages viewed on a website. Unfortunately, in the world we live today Spying and Tampering are real threats to everyone's right to privacy.

Today we're announcing an automatic upgrade of all portfolios to HTTPS. This upgrade is automatic and applies to all portfolios even those using custom domain names. Please note that during this upgrade some customers may have received a 'custom domain has been activated!' email -- you can safely ignore this email as it was sent inadvertently.

We hope you enjoy your new HTTPS enabled website experience :) Please let us know if you encounter any issues.