How Can I Rename Galleries on My Online Portfolio?

Renaming any of your galleries is easy! From Crevado admin, click Galleries: click galleries

Here you'll see a list of all the galleries within your portfolio, each represented by their gallery cover images. Click on the gallery you wish to rename: click on gallery

From the Gallery page scroll down to where you see Gallery Title and click it: gallery title

Enter the new name of your Gallery, then click Save. You will receive a pop-up message confirming that your name change was successful.

How Do I Change the Title of My Online Portfolio?

From Crevado Admin click Customize: customize

Scroll down to the Portfolio Header and click it: portfolio header

Enter in the new title/name and click Save.

A pop-up at the top of the screen will confirm that your change has been successful.

Note that if you are using an image based logo then this will be displayed instead of the title, The title will still be incorporated in to the page title for your portfolio and as a result will be visible as the title on search engine results, even if you're using a logo.

How Do I Change My Email Address?

From Crevado admin, click on the Account link on the top right of the page: account link

NOTE: When you change your email address this will also change the email address you use to login to Crevado admin!

Scroll down to the email address box and click on it: change email address

Delete the email address entered here and type in your new email address, then click Save. A pop-up at the top of the page will confirm that your change of email has been successful.

Remember to use the new email address the next time you login to Crevado admin!

Can People Share My Work Using Facebook, Twitter, Google+ Etc?

Crevado makes it easy for your visitors to share your work on their social media networks such as twitter, facebook and google+. This functionality can be enabled or disabled on a per social media network basis.

From Crevado Admin, click on customize: customize

Scroll down to the Social Media Sharing section. This area allows you to control what media networks your visitors will be able to share your work on. social media sharing

How Do I Edit My About Page on My Crevado Portfolio

Your about page is a useful way to give people information about yourself. Typically it should include information about previous employment, experience, contact information and any background details you wish to mention.

Here's how to do it:

From Crevado admin, click Pages:

From Pages locate your about page and click the related edit content link: edit about page

This will take you to the page content editor for your About Page.

From here you can write whatever you wish, introduce yourself to potential customers or clients or the world! You can also edit other elements of your portfolio such as the name of your page and your contact details.

Something not working? no worries - just contact us!

Integrating a Blog With Your Crevado Portfolio

If you run a blog on a website such as Blogger, LiveJournal, Wordpress, Tumblr or the countless other blogging services then you may be wondering if it's possible to incorporate your blog as part of your online portfolio. Fortunately Crevado makes this really easy! Here's how to do it:

From Crevado admin, click Pages:

From the Page Management page, click the Create Page button on the top right of the screen and the Create Page popup will appear. From the Create Page popup change the Page Type to Integrated Blog:

You're almost there! Now specify the title of your blog as it will appear on your portfolio, 'Blog' is always an obvious choice but it's entirely up to you what you call it (keep in mind you can always change the title by editing the properties of the page after it's created). Finally enter the full address of your blog, for example

When you're done click the Create button and the details will be validated and your page will be saved - golden! Now click the view portfolio link on the top right of Crevado admin and check it out:

Your blog page is dynamic and will be updated automatically so when you add (or update) articles from your blogging app they will automatically refresh on Crevado - all you need to do is wait a little while!

Got questions on our blog integration? Something not working? no worries - just contact us!

Customizing the Favicon on Your Online Portfolio

A favicon is the name for the icon which you probably normally associate with the websites’ you’ve bookmarked or “favourited” in your browser. The image below indicates one of the places the icon is used (in this case, within Google Chrome but the same is true for Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and more). The default favicon on your Crevado Online Portfolio is the Crevado logo:

Fear not however, this can be changed within the theme editor:

Once the theme editor has loaded select the Logos option and the various logos for your theme will be displayed. To change the favicon used click the upload button next to the favicon option and select the favicon file you wish to use then click Open/Upload.

Note that your favicon image format and dimensions are important! Please read the following wikipedia article regarding favicon format and sizes versus browser compatibility!

Once you’ve uploaded your favicon a preview will appear next to the upload button. From now on, visitors who browse your online portfolio will see your personalized favicon rather than the default Crevado icon:

Hell yeah! Let the good times roll!

How Do I Edit the Gallery Thumbnails on My Portfolio?

The thumbnails for your galleries can be managed from the Galleries area of Crevado admin:

How do I change the order of the thumbnails?

You can reorder your gallery thumbnails simply by dragging and dropping the thumbnail into the desired position.

Changing the Thumbnail Image

Changing the thumbnail image is easy. Hover your mouse over the gallery thumbnail you want to change and click the cog icon which appears on the top right of the thumbnail. To change a thumbnail to an alternative image, click Change Thumbnail:

You can then choose to either upload a new image or select an existing image from the gallery which can be used to represent it. It’s wise to customize the layout of your galleries first and then crop accordingly once you’ve settled on the desired layout.

Cropping an Existing Thumbnail

The default cropping applied to your gallery thumbnail may not suit every type of image, in these cases you may wish to manually adjust the cropping for maximum impact.

Hover your mouse over the gallery thumbnail you want to change and click the cog icon which appears on the top right of the thumbnail. From the dropdown menu click Adjust Cropping :

From the cropping page, you’ll see a yellow box which represents the target cropping area

You can resize the crop area by dragging and dropping the resize squares located at the edges of the yellow crop area. To move the crop area itself simply drag and drop it.

Underneath the cropping area you’ll see a preview image which shows you how the cropped image will look should you save the changes.

To save your changes click Crop It!

Your gallery thumbnail has now been updated to use the cropped version of the image.

Also see

HOWTO: Sell Photo Prints and More Using Your Crevado Online Portfolio

Fotomoto support requires a Premium account for details see the plan comparison page

So, how’s it work?

Crevado has built in support for Fotomoto which enables you to sell your photographic works directly from Crevado online portfolio. Supported formats include photo prints, canvas and more! To enable Fotomoto integration simply visit our Fotomoto setup page and click the Sign Me Up! button. Note that this is a one click process and once you’ve been setup you will receive an activation email from Fotomoto.

If you don’t receive the email then remember to check your junk/spam folder as the email may be hiding there!

Please follow the instructions in the email and activate the Crevado/Fotomoto integration by clicking the activation link as indicated below:


It's important that you fully activate your Fotomoto account otherwise the integration will not work as expected.

Activating simply involves choosing a password for your Fotomoto account:


That’s it! Crevado is now linked to your newly created Fotomoto account and you can sell photographic prints directly from your portfolio! Any images marked available for purchase in Crevado will display a buy button which when clicked will popup the Fotomoto cart widget and allow the visitor to purchase the image as a print.

NOTE: High Resolution Images are automatically sent to Fotomoto - there is no need to configure the Auto Pickup mechanism.


From within Crevado admin images can have their purchase ability switched on or off on a per image basis by simply editing the image details (by default everything is marked available for purchase):


Don’t forget to configure Fotomoto!

From the Fotomoto control panel click Select Products and Prices and configure the available formats for your work and set pricing for each type.

To configure formats, click the on/off switch for each individual type you wish to offer for purchase: img

Pricing for a particular format may be configured by clicking the pricing link which appears when you mouse over the format type title: img

Also check out the FotoMoto tour page. For further help and support on Fotomoto please visit the Fotomoto support page.

HOWTO: Setup Disqus Comments System Your Online Portfolio

How can I enable Disqus integration so people can leave comments on my Work?

It’s pretty easy! Crevado has built in support for Disqus, a popular and comprehensive commenting system for modern websites.

Got your Disqus account details?

Before you can enable Disqus integration you need to have a Disqus account created and your shortname noted. If you don’t have a Disqus account go here and sign up:

Enter the URL of your portfolio exactly as it appears on the domain box within Crevado settings, e.g. if your Crevado domain is ‘demo’ then your url will be

Note: For the purposes your Disqus Site URL, avoid prefixing your domain with www. unless it’s part of your crevado domain name!

Presumably, you will be the primary moderator so choose a Disqus username and password and click continue to create your account.


Once you’ve created your account confirm your Disqus shortname by clicking the admin link:


and then click Settings. Your shortname will be shown in pink:


Remember: Your Disqus shortname and Disqus username are not the same thing and may be different!

Now that you’ve got your Disqus account setup, we need to tie it to your portfolio.

Enabling Disqus Comments with your Crevado Portfolio

From Crevado admin choose settings: img

Scroll to the disqus feature box and enter your Disqus shortname to activate the integration. (if you don’t know what a Disqus shortname is see the top section of this article) img

Once you’ve entered your shortname just click save and Disqus integration will be activated: img

You should verify that the comments system is working by clicking the view portfolio link:


When viewing a Gallery you’ll see the comment system load underneath the main stage.

Can the Comments system be disabled for certain items?

The comments system can be enabled/disabled on a per Gallery basis. To change whether the comment system is enabled for a particular gallery simply select the Gallery from the main Galleries section. Then scroll down thru the Gallery Configuration until you find the Comment setting box. img

Here you can enable / disable the comments system for the Gallery in question.