How Do I Sell My Work Using PayPal on My Crevado Online Portfolio?

PayPal support requires a Premium account for details see the plan comparison page

PayPal is one of the largest online payment processors in the world. It is a convenient and flexible way for people to make online purchases. Your Crevado Online Portfolio effortlessly integrates with PayPal - this allows you to sell your work via your Portfolio by accepting payments using PayPal.

Firstly, in order to sell your work using PayPal you will need a PayPal account. If you do not already have a PayPal account please sign up for a PayPal account first.

Once you have an account, please follow these steps to enable selling via PayPal on your Crevado Online Portfolio.

From Crevado Admin click on the Settings button at the top right of the screen:

Scroll down to the e-Commerce Settings area and here you will see the PayPal Support option. You simply click Enabled to turn this on:

Once you have enabled PayPal you'll need to assign prices to your work. To do so, click on Galleries at the top left of the page:

Select the Gallery which contains the work you wish to sell by clicking on it. Then assign pricing to any piece of work you wish to sell:

You can set the price for other items in the same Gallery by repeating the aforementioned steps. You can repeat this process for items located in other Galleries also if you wish.

That's it! Items on your portfolio which have a price will now display a cart button which when clicked on will start the PayPal payment process.

What about Tax & Shipping Charges?

Once you have entered the sale prices for your work you may wish to configure how Shipping and Taxation Charges are calculated.

Please see the following PayPal article on how to configure this.

Note: Tax and Shipping calculations are only available using a PayPal Premier or Business account.

How Do I Attach PDF or MS Word Documents to My Crevado Online Portfolio?

Note: PDF and Word documents cannot currently be embedded into a Gallery; they can only be attached as a navigation link in your Portfolio! However, don't worry, support for embedding within Galleries is coming soon!

Attaching a PDF or MS Word documents to your Crevado Online Portfolio is easy! Just follow these simple steps:

From Crevado admin, click Pages:

click pages

From here you then click on Create Page:

click galleries

A window will pop up allowing you to create a new page. You simply change the page type to File Attachment and choose whichever PDF or MS Word document you wish to upload using the Choose file button:

click galleries

When you are finished, upload your file using the Create button. Your file will now be attached as a link within your Portfolio Navigation.

How Do I Change My Crevado Portfolio Plan or Alter My Billing Settings?

From Crevado admin, click on the Account link on the top right of the page:

account link

You will see the title Your Crevado Account and underneath that click on Billing&Plans:

Next, click on the blue Change Plan link which is to the right of the Subscription Plan information:

This brings you to our Change Plan page where you see a summary of each plan. To downgrade you must click on one of the downgrade buttons (to whichever plan you wish to downgrade to) as shown below:

Note: You must be within the thresholds of the Plan in order to downgrade to it. This may mean you need to delete some Images, Galleries and/or Videos before you will be eligible to downgrade.

How Can I Rename Galleries on My Online Portfolio?

Renaming any of your galleries is easy! From Crevado admin, click Galleries: click galleries

Here you'll see a list of all the galleries within your portfolio, each represented by their gallery cover images. Click on the gallery you wish to rename: click on gallery

From the Gallery page scroll down to where you see Gallery Title and click it: gallery title

Enter the new name of your Gallery, then click Save. You will receive a pop-up message confirming that your name change was successful.

How Do I Change the Title of My Online Portfolio?

From Crevado Admin click Customize:


Scroll down to the Portfolio Header and click it:

portfolio header

Enter in the new title/name and click Save.

A pop-up at the top of the screen will confirm that your change has been successful.

Note: If you are using an image based logo then this will be displayed instead of the title. The title will still be incorporated in to the page title for your portfolio and as a result will be visible as the title on search engine results, even if you're using a logo.

How Do I Change My Email Address?

From Crevado Admin, click on the Account link on the top right of the page:

account link

NOTE: When you change your email address this will also change the email address you use to login to Crevado Admin!

Scroll down to the email address box and click on it:

change email address

Delete the email address entered here and type in your new email address, then click Save. A pop-up at the top of the page will confirm that your change of email has been successful.

NOTE: Remember to use the new email address the next time you login to Crevado admin!

Can People Share My Work Using Facebook, Twitter, Google+ Etc?

Crevado makes it easy for your visitors to share your work on their social media networks such as twitter, facebook and google+. This functionality can be enabled or disabled on a per social media network basis.

From Crevado Admin, click on customize: customize

Scroll down to the Social Media Sharing section. This area allows you to control what media networks your visitors will be able to share your work on. social media sharing

How Do I Edit My About Page on My Crevado Portfolio

Your About Page is a useful way to give people information about yourself. Typically it should include information about previous employment, experience, contact information and any background details you wish to mention.

Here's how to do it:

From Crevado Admin, click Pages:

From Pages locate your About Page and click the related edit content link: edit about page

This will take you to the page content editor for your About Page.

From here you can write whatever you wish, introduce yourself to potential customers or clients or the world! You can also edit other elements of your portfolio such as the name of your page and your contact details.

Something not working? no worries - just contact us!

How Do I Change My Online Portfolio Domain/Address?

It's easy to change your Crevado Online Portfolio Domain, just follow these simple steps. From Crevado Admin, click on Settings:

Scroll down to Domain Hosting Settings and click on the box entitled Your domain name:

Note that when you rename your portfolio address the old address will no longer work

Enter your new domain name and when finished click Save:

That's it, you're all done!

How Do I Allow Image Downloads on My Crevado Online Portfolio?

By default, Crevado protects your images from being downloaded. In some cases however you may wish to allow visitors to easily download copies of your images, if that's the case then no problem!

From Crevado Admin click on Customize:

Then launch the Theme Editor by clicking the Customize Theme button as indicated below:

Once the Theme Editor has launched, click on Theme Options on the left hand side and change the image downloads option to ON.

Next save the change by clicking the green Apply Changes button at the top left of the page:

Confirm the saving of the changes by clicking OK on the confirmation popup: