Enhanced Page Management Functionality

We've further enhanced the Page Content management section of Crevado admin in response to your feedback.

Page Nesting

All pages within your online portfolio website are now shown by default from the Pages section of Crevado admin. As always, you can re-order the pages by dragging and dropping them however you can now also nest and un-nest pages too! This new functionality opens up a lot of flexibility. For example, previously it was required that Galleries must live within a Gallery Collection - this restriction has now been lifted which means you can now move Gallery pages to the top/root level of your Portfolio Navigation hierarchy, if you so wish. It's also possible to nest pages by dragging them in to position. This allows you to create a top level page and within it place sub-pages, for example a top level 'Pricing' content page and under it additional pages whereby you break down your pricing details e.g. 'General Pricing', 'Wedding Pricing' etc.

Inline Page File Attachments

Want to create a link to a PDF or Word Doc from within a page on your Portfolio ? No problem! Now you can easily create file attachment links within your Online Portfolio Website.

Stay tuned friends, more exciting new features will be announced shortly!