Customizing the Favicon on Your Online Portfolio

A favicon is the name for the icon which you probably normally associate with the websites’ you’ve bookmarked or “favourited” in your browser. The image below indicates one of the places the icon is used (in this case, within Google Chrome but the same is true for Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and more). The default favicon on your Crevado Online Portfolio is the Crevado logo:

Fear not however, this can be changed within the theme editor:

Once the theme editor has loaded select the Logos option and the various logos for your theme will be displayed. To change the favicon used click the upload button next to the favicon option and select the favicon file you wish to use then click Open/Upload.

Note that your favicon image format and dimensions are important! Please read the following wikipedia article regarding favicon format and sizes versus browser compatibility!

Once you’ve uploaded your favicon a preview will appear next to the upload button. From now on, visitors who browse your online portfolio will see your personalized favicon rather than the default Crevado icon:

Hell yeah! Let the good times roll!