Jump in: Making a Splash With Your Crevado Online Portfolio!

Very often we receive requests from users who wish to create a Splash page or "Slider" as their start/home page. These type of Pages act like an introduction to the work on your Crevado Online Portfolio Website. The good news this holiday season is that your Crevado Online Portfolio now inludes Splash page functionality.

Crevado Splash Page example

Crevado Splash Pages include a fullscreen Carousel or "Slider" which is fully touch responsive and comes with a bunch of other customizable options.

The Splash page is hot off the press so expect additional customization options etc. within the coming weeks.

If you'd like to know more about Splash pages head on over to our blog article: Creating a Splash page for your Crevado Online Portfolio Website

On a final, unrelated note, you can now also enable Disqus commenting not just on Gallery pages but on Content pages now too. For more information please see the bottom of our Disqus integration article.

Happy Holidays!