Adding 360 Degree or 'Equirectangular' Images to Your Online Portfolio

We are excited to announce support for 360 degree spherical images (also known as Equirectangular images) for your Crevado portfolio.

Equirectangular images are a great way to provide an immersive visualization experience to your Online Portfolio by providing viewers with a 360 degree panoramic views of your selected works. These types of images are especially popular amongst Architecture Portfolios as they allow for 3D walk-throughs of Architectural room renders etc.

Whether you're an Architect, Photographer or any other type of creative, adding 360 degree 'Equirectangular' images to your Online Portfolio has never been easier. Simply upload your images as normal, and assuming you've uploaded a Equirectangular image of high enough resolution you'll notice an additional option which will allow you to flag the image to be viewed as an Equirectangular image.

Note: For best results, high resolution images are recommended. Images should be 2000 pixels or greater in width.

Once you have uploaded your equirectangular image, tick the box next to the Display using Equirectangular Viewer option and then click on the blue Save button, as shown below:

A yellow pop-up at the top of the screen will confirm Changes saved successfully!.

The image will now display using our 360 panoramic viewer allowing visitors to pan and zoom 360 degrees around your image.

Live Demo of Equirectangular Viewer:

Use your mouse to pan and zoom around the image.

Something not working? no worries - just contact us!