Introducing Visual Content Editing

Today marks a first step in a new direction for Crevado. At Crevado, we are always driven by user feedback. We believe listening to our users and incorporating their feedback to fuel changes to (y)our product is key to our mutual success.

Since some time we've received feedback from our users that they have difficulty visualising how content is going to look while they're editing it within Crevado admin, versus how it looks live on their portfolio. And so we figured, why not just allow editing directly on your portfolio page? and so it became!

Now when you edit the custom content on your pages you do so directly within your portfolio. Now there is no question as to how things are going to look when they're published, they look just as they will be.

But this upgrade is just the beginning. Soon more editing functions will be made available all within your portfolio. Customization of your Crevado Online Portfolio has just undergone a revolution! For more information please see the pages section of Crevado Admin.