Meet Thumbnails 2: A New Theme for Your Crevado Portfolio!

Thumbnails2 is a new theme available now for your Crevado Online Portfolio. It's based on the Thumbnails theme but has a few twists:

The older Thumbnails Theme (which of course is still avaliable, and always will be) displays Thumbnails in a cropped, uniform fashion. This means all thumbnails display the same size regardless of whether the actual images are landscape or portrait. The new Thumbnails2 theme displays thumbnails in a snazzy photogrid which fits all thumbnails together in a non-uniform fashion much like a mosiac. In addition, Thumbnail sizes and margins can be configured via the Theme Editor.

thumbnails2 screenshot

The Thumbnails2 theme comes with two different header styles; a "stacked" style where the portfolio name appears centered above the navigation, or "horizontal" style where the name appears on the left with the navigation appearing on the right. Again, this is configurable within the Crevado Theme Editor - you'll find the option under the Theme Options section of the Theme Editor.

For portfolios which are integrated with the Disqus Commenting System the Thumbnails2 theme takes a slightly different approach with displaying comments compared to other themes. Instead of displaying the comments underneath the main image a comments link is now displayed showing the number of comments on the current image. When the comment link is clicked the commenting system gets loaded in its place.

Try this new Theme on your portfolio today by visiting the customize area.