Custom Domain Setup : Melbourne IT

The following article describes how to link your Melbourne IT registered domain name with your Crevado Portfolio.

remember: custom domain name binding requires a Premium account for details see the plan comparison page

Melbourne IT log in

Log in to your account at IT log in

From the main account menu, click manage domain names Melbourne IT log in

From the domain listing, click on the domain which you wish to point at your Crevado portfolio: Melbourne IT log in

From the domain management screen, click Manage DNS Melbourne IT log in

Now configure the DNS as highlighted in the screenshot below: Melbourne IT log in

  • As highlighted above: - For the root host name (i.e. point it to
  • For “WWW” Host Name, put in into the “hostname” field and select CNAME (alias) as a record type.
  • Once the changes have been made you’re done with configuring Melbourne IT !

NOTE: It may take anywhere between an hour to 1 day for these settings to propagate throughout the internet.

Now you need to login to Crevado admin and click “Settings” tab. Domain Setup

Scroll down to “Domain Name Binding” under “Domain Hosting Settings” Domain Setup

Click on “use a custom domain” and add the WWW version of your domain name in the field provided and click the “update domain” button. Domain Setup

That’s it! Now all you need to do is wait for the DNS changes to take effect

If you run into any trouble, you will find it more helpful to first contact Melbourne IT for support as they have access to those settings (while Crevado doesn’t). Here is a direct link to their Support Page.