Frequently Asked Questions

  • Getting Started

    • What is Crevado?

      Crevado is a webapp which makes it easy for you to create a free online portfolio website to showcase your work. Crevado removes the regular technical hassles of setting up and maintaining an online presence. It's easy to use and you don't need to know anything about programming or web design. With Crevado, you can manage and customize your entire portfolio using just a web browser. Take a moment to check out our demo site, example portfolio sites or better still, sign up for a free account - it takes less than 60 seconds.

    • Is Crevado really Free?

      Yes! There are no catches - our free plan is completely free! It's not a trial and it doesn't expire. It features everything you need to run a slick digital online portfolio to showcase your work. Still not convinced? Sign up for free online portfolio - it takes less than 60 seconds.

    • How do I install Crevado?

      There’s no installation required! We host Crevado so you don’t have to worry about installing or upgrading any software. You only need a modern web browser such as Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari and you’re ready to go.

    • What do I need to get started ?

      You need:

      • Photos of your work
      • A modern web browser (i.e. Chrome, Firefox or Safari)
      • And optionally, a PayPal account, if you want to sell & accept payments for your work online
    • Can I use my own domain name with my site?

      Yes! Our Premium Plan supports custom domain name binding so you can use your own domain name instead of a style address.

    • Can I offer Photo Prints of my work using Crevado?

      Yes! Crevado supports this functionality using our integration partner Fotomoto. With our Fotomoto support visitors can purchase your work in a variety of different formats such as photo prints, canvas, and more. For more information see our Fotomoto Setup Guide

    • Can people steal my images?

      Crevado comes built-in with all the technical barriers that exist to protect your images, but all this still won't guarantee your images won't be abused. It's always important to remember that once your work is visible then there are ways to "steal it". This is true for online representations as well as real life i.e. a screenshot of a computer webpage, photograph of a monitor or photograph of artwork hanging on a wall!
      If you are worried about people stealing then the perfect answer is to not upload them at all, or better still don't even create it in the first place. This way nothing will get stolen, but doing this won't sell your work either, especially if your work can't be viewed online. You may as well bury your head in the sand while you're at it!

      With the built-in techniques we employ, we believe that the upsides of running an Crevado portfolio far outweigh any downsides incurred by would-be image thieves. If you are still worried, then our recommendation short of not showing anyone your work, is to upload low resolution images. Of course the trade off in doing this is obvious - you are sacrificing on quality and as a result the impressiveness of your portfolio suffers.
      Still not convinced? Try our free account - it takes less than 60 seconds, requires no credit card and you can cancel at any time.

    • Which countries and currencies are usable with Crevado?

      Crevado is usable by creative people in any country and currency. However, we have more support for services, such as payment gateways, in some countries than in others.

    • Which languages are supported?

      The administrative interface is in English, but your website can be in any language.

  • General Questions

    • Why Crevado?

      Crevado is quick, super easy to use and makes your work look as good as possible by putting it center stage. No clutter, no programming or web knowledge is required. Crevado takes care of all the technical hassles, allowing you to concentrate on the creating! What's more is that Crevado is a web app which is constantly being improved and updates get applied automatically. We aim to make Crevado the best tool on the 'net for showcasing your work online and we can only do this with your feedback! Got a feature suggestion or enhancement idea? let us know!

      We encourage you to kick the tyres and create a free portfolio website - there's no obligation and we're quite sure you'll love it! Got feedback? We'd love to hear from you.

    • Is Crevado secure?

      Of course! We utilize industry standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) across the entire Crevado site and Crevado admin.

    • Can I make my Portfolio Private/Password Protected?

      Yes, our Premium Plan allows you to set passwords across the entire website or on a page by page basis. You can also set any page private so only people who know the URL can access the page. Portfolios which have the entire website password protected are automatically marked invisible to Search Engines such as Google.

    • What about visitor reporting and statistics?

      Extensive in-depth reporting is available with our Google Analytics integration. Simply enable the analytics support from the 'Customize' tab in your admin panel and you're done. Crevado extends analytics reporting so you can see which are your most popular galleries, photos and more! For more information on setting this up see our this blog article.

    • Do Crevado Portfolios use Flash?

      Hell NO! Crevado Portfolios do NOT utilize Adobe Flash. These days Flash is considered an outdated antiqated proprietary technology. Flash affects SEO and is not compatible with all devices - Crevado Portfolios utilize HTML5 and work across desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones.

    • What about mobile devices?

      No problem! Mobile devices such as Apple IPhones, iPads and Android devices are served an optimized version of your portfolio! We also offer a native smartphone companion application which you can use for administering your Portfolio while on the move.

    • Can I remove the Crevado link in the footer of my Portfolio?

      Our paid accounts do not have any link or advertisement. The link cannot be removed from our Free Portfolio accounts.

    • Does Crevado integrate with Facebook ?

      Yes! Crevado integrates with Facebook out of the box. Simply enable Facebook integration from the 'settings' tab and visitors to your site can then 'like' your work on Facebook. When someone likes your work on Facebook a thumbnail image of the work they liked, along with the title and comments appears on their Facebook wall for all their friends to see!

    • How often can I change/update my work?

      You can change and update your work as often as you like - there's no restrictions!

    • Can I start with a Free plan and upgrade later?

      Of course, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time.

    • How do I cancel my Account?

      You can cancel your account at any time - please see how support center article on how you may accomplish this.

  • Billing Questions * these questions apply only to paid accounts

    • What's the difference between the Free and Paid accounts?

      You can find a comparison between our two plans on plan comparison page. If you have any questions please contact us

    • How can I pay?

      Our Free accounts are free forever and no payment is required. For paid accounts, you will need a Credit/Debit card of some form to pay for your Crevado portfolio. We accept all major brands of Credit and Debit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and American Express.

    • How do I get billed?

      For paid accounts you can pay monthly, bi-annually, or annually - there's no setup fee and you can cancel or downgrade your account at any time. Our free plan requires no credit card and is completely free.

    • More questions? Just ask ..